When was the last time you made a typo? Or forgotten to order something, ordered too much, or too little?

The restaurant business as we all know is greatly unpredictable. That said, here deep inside the ChefMod Lab, we believe that there are patterns to our business and seasonal changes that are undisputable. Forecasting models have been around for years and it has always been our dream to bring those models to the purchasing process by using past experience and order patterns to help predict future needs.

Chefs are some of the busiest people we know and they keep everything in their heads. While most chefs have a good grasp of what they need and when they need it, ChefMod is here to provide a guiding nod and a helpful suggestion. Whether it’s a heads up if you order too much, or too little, or more directly a suggested order amount, our proprietary SecureOrder feature provides guidelines for a more accurate and error free ordering experience. While we are not yet at the point where we can create your entire order, we have mastered the art of calculating your next move. Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll be able to predict the future!