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Crafted by Restaurant People, for Restaurant People

Mastering the intricacies of the culinary world requires more than just a chef’s touch. Welcome to ChefMod, the ultimate restaurant management software and solution for AP Automation, Invoice Processing, Purchasing, and Receiving. Whether you’re a single-location owner, part of a multi-unit chain, a dedicated caterer, or managing diverse facilities, we empower you with personalized solutions to expertly navigate the culinary landscape with unmatched business insight and precision.

Restaurant Automation, Plated to Perfection

Unlock unparalleled growth potential with ChefMod, where culinary expertise meets savvy business strategy.

From Recipe to Revenue

From expertly sourcing ingredients to crunching numbers, ChefMod streamlines purchasing, menu management, supplier relationships, and beyond.

Back of the House Heroes

Your dedicated Services team equips you with the necessary support for Invoice Digitization, real-time Price Audits, Expense Breakdown, and Invoice Entry.

Mobile Mastery

In the kitchen or on-the-fly, ChefMod’s versatile platform keeps you in control of automation and efficiency, anytime, anywhere.

Crafted by restaurant people, for restaurant people.

Trusted by Thousands

ChefMod’s restaurant management software is trusted by thousands of growing and established restaurant owners nationwide.


ChefMod Complete Restaurant Management Solution

Scale your culinary operations with our robust services and software platform.

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  Optimize Deals with Negotiation

  Detailed Product Specs

  Mobile and Desktop Accessibility

  ChefMod Price Watchdog

  Sourcing Team for Unique Needs

  SAP, Three Way Matching

  Instant Invoice Search

  No More Manual Invoice Entry

  Efficient Expense Type Filtering & Mapping

  Real-Time Food Cost Updates

  Price Change Alerts

Instant Ingredient Cost Retrieval

  On-the-Fly Nutritional Info

  Dynamic Ingredient Conversion

  Endless Batch Recipe Layers

  Streamlined Menu Planning

  Insightful Business Intelligence

  Strategic Cost Analysis

  Accurate Forecasting Tools

  Product Alternatives Assessment

  Comprehensive Order Histories

Proven Expertise

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Restaurant Operations?

Embrace the ChefMod advantage with our restaurant management software. Elevate every aspect of your culinary journey, from AP automation and procurement to plate.

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Our partners are the best in the business, and we’re proud to work with them to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

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