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The Essential Guide: How AP Automation Drives Restaurant Success

Unlock Efficiency: Why AP Automation is a Must-Have for Restaurants Accounts Payable (AP) automation is revolutionizing how restaurants and restaurant groups handle their financial workflow. By adopting AP automation, businesses can move away from traditional, manual processes that are often slow and error-prone, stepping into an era of enhanced efficiency and accuracy. AP automation solutions specifically designed for hospitality help restaurant owners optimize their purchasing process, recipe management, inventory, analytics, GL mapping, and visibility into expenses across all suppliers. No longer is the data harvested through the right AP automation process limited to only bookkeepers, controllers, and CFOs. Let’s explore ...
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Leveraging Technology for Efficient Restaurant Management

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, the adoption of modern technology is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity for survival and success. As operations become more complex, technology such as ChefMod offers sophisticated solutions that streamline tasks, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency. Furthering the effort to make technology more accessible, accurate, and approachable, ChefMod’s unique approach provides a support system for every engagement throughout the product lifecycle. Impact of Modern Technologies  Modern technologies in restaurant management cover a broad spectrum of restaurant operations, from expense management and food costing to supplier relationship management and order processing. These ...
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Supplier Credit

Streamlining Supplier Credit Management: Introducing ChefMod’s Newest Feature

In the dynamic world of hospitality, managing finances efficiently is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Restaurant owners and chefs know the struggle all too well: juggling invoices, keeping track of supplier credits, and ensuring that every dollar is accounted for. This is where ChefMod steps in, revolutionizing the way the hospitality industry manages its finances with its latest feature.   Understanding the Challenge Traditionally, handling supplier credits has been a cumbersome process, often leading to confusion and missed opportunities for savings. Whether it’s credits due to returned goods, or products short on truck, discrepancies in billing, or any ...
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Demystifying ChefMod: Your Top FAQs Answered Here

Welcome to the ChefMod FAQ post, where we address common questions and shed light on how our tailored solutions are revolutionizing procurement and accounts payable processes for restaurant owners throughout the country. Running a restaurant comes with its unique set of challenges, and managing procurement and accounts payable can often feel like navigating a maze of paperwork, negotiations, and inventory management. From time-consuming manual processes to fragmented vendor relationships, restaurant owners face numerous hurdles that can impact efficiency, profitability, and ultimately, the guest experience. Manual tasks like paper-based ordering and invoice processing not only consume valuable time but also leave ...
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4 Things You Should be Doing for Your Restaurant

With supply chain upsets and customer unpredictability, restaurant inventory management has become a daunting task. When a restaurant tries to order items, such as proteins, produce, or seafood, for example twice a week, the prices fluctuate so much that the restaurant inventory managers tend to just give up trying to procure supplies at the lowest price. So what are the four things a restaurant should do in these times but aren’t?   Restaurant inventory management cannot be ignored when trying to keep costs down to maximize profits.  It’s a delicate balance of ordering food, especially perishables, in a timely manner, ...
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5 Advantages of Using Food Costing Software Instead of Notes and Spreadsheets

While spreadsheets and notebooks are helpful, they make for a tedious, time-consuming process that’s prone to errors. Automating the food costing process with specialized software is the way to go. It simplifies the overly complicated process to offer deep insights that lower your overheads and maximize profits. Dig in to learn more about the benefits of automating your food costing process with specialized software. Complex to handle and costly to ignore, food costing is a delicate yet critical part of running a successful restaurant. Knowing the actual cost of every ingredient on your menu is vital to your bottom line. ...
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How Food Costing and Pricing Should Change Your Catering Business Processes in 2022

While the catering industry is on the mend, it’s essential that you ready and steady your business for the coming year. Pundits predict a surging demand in consumption in 2022 but also shrinking corporate pool as most people work from home. Here are some bulletproof ways to streamline operations in a catering business to cope with changing market dynamics. With the American social and economic recovery soaring to new heights, the people crave culture, community, and companionship. Sharing a delicious meal with friends and family delivers on all fronts.  This spells good news for the catering industry as there’s a ...
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