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Unlock Culinary Efficiency & Innovation with the ChefMod Team Solution

ChefMod harmonizes culinary creativity with advanced technology to streamline restaurant operations and enhance efficiency. Our tailored restaurant management system provide an ideal blend of automation and innovation, simplifying management for forward-thinking chefs and restaurateurs. We are your perfect culinary partner, utilizing our unique restaurant system software to merge chefs’ creativity with cutting-edge solutions to optimize operations.

The Dashboard: Your Culinary Hub for Insights and Efficiency 

Leverage the ChefMod Dashboard for …

Effortless One-Click Ordering via Desktop or Mobile

Complete Financial Clarity on Sales, Expenses, and Costs

Streamlined Menu and Recipe Management with Automated Cost Updates

Efficient Cost Cutting Strategies, Backed by Custom Reports

Ordering Module

 ChefMod’s AI-powered Ordering Module unites all of your suppliers under one user-friendly Marketplace, bidding farewell to the complexities of one-sided traditional multi-supplier ordering websites.


Our restaurant management system will have you embark on a transformative journey defined by unparalleled convenience, profound cost awareness, and remarkable efficiency. With Smart Shopping Lists, precise order quantity predictions, and instant notifications, you’ll reach heights of procurement excellence you never thought possible.

Safmod Simple Processing

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Effortless Ordering

Order from anywhere, using the mobile app or desktop, with your AI-powered smart shopping cart seamlessly shared across devices. Submit orders to multiple suppliers with a single click, streamlining communication or create standing orders automatically sent to your suppliers on a fixed schedule. 

Cost Savings

Explore alternative product options and adjust order quantities easily. Automatically generated purchase orders provide order and pricing history, price audits, and alerts for changes, all integrated with your finances and business analytics.

Order Management

Easily access and manage your order history, including details, status, and the ability to view, print, re-order, or re-send orders. 

Smart Shopping Lists

Unlock access to a comprehensive visual ingredient catalog, encompassing everything from essential food supplies to non-food items, glassware, equipment, and chemicals essential for your business.

Standing Orders

Effortlessly schedule recurring orders for single or multiple items, no matter how intricate your ordering schedule might be. Whether it’s weekly, bi-monthly, or semi-annually, we’ve got you covered.

Simplified Supplier Communications

Submit orders to multiple suppliers instantly with a single click.

Chefmod Automated Processing

Financials and CrossDoc Module

Gain instant insights into your finances, adapt to sales fluctuations influenced by weather, analyze historical spending patterns, and grasp the dynamics of cost versus sale with this feature of our restaurant management system. Streamline cost allocation for all aspects of your restaurant operations, automating the complexity and expense often associated with tracking day-to-day costs.

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SAP Three Way

An Accounts Payable process that cross references a supplier invoice with it’s corresponding purchase order and delivery receipt, improving profitability by preventing overpayments and fraud.

Automated Cost

ChefMod Financials streamlines and automates General Ledger cost allocation for all aspects of your restaurant operations, eliminating the complexity and expense often associated with tracking day-to-day costs.

Seamless Accounting

By ordering through ChefMod, you initiate an automated accounting process that categorizes each item in your supplier invoices. The system tracks all ordered items, automatically updates records with supplier invoices, and prepares detailed food cost breakdowns by category so you never miss a thing. 

Detailed Cost Analysis

Easily access and analyze your food costs, broken down by category, with just a few clicks.

Time-Saving Data Uploads

ChefMod syncs your financial data directly to your preferred accounting software, saving time and making your bookkeeper’s job more efficient.

Comprehensive Expense Management

ChefMod’s CrossDoc service efficiently handles invoice management, eliminating the need for laborious manual filing, unreliable mailing, expensive offsite storage and shredding services.

Simplified Record-Keeping

CrossDoc simplifies invoice management by seamlessly attaching, storing, and accessing various documents — from invoices to delivery proofs. This eliminates the need for manual filing, reduces expenses, and saves valuable time and energy. 

Secure Document Storage

ChefMod’s CrossDoc ensures the secure and unlimited storage of important documents, offering disaster protection and preventing the need for expensive offsite storage or document retrieval fees.

EzRecipe and Menu Management Module

The EzRecipe and Menu Management module is a game-changer in recipe management. It simplifies the process of going paperless by digitizing recipes for easy access, automating cost updates, and ensuring data precision with daily ingredient cost updates.


Our restaurant system software empowers you to precisely manage ingredients, portion sizes, and costs for budget optimization, make informed menu decisions based on data, provide accurate allergen and nutritional information, minimize waste through precise ingredient tracking, streamline staff training, and enhance supplier communication for efficient procurement.


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Cost Control

 Precisely manage ingredients, portion sizes, yields, and costs to optimize your budget.

Cost Savings

Use data insights to make informed choices about your menu, identifying popular and cost-effective dishes.

Order Management

Provide precise allergen and nutritional information to build trust with health-conscious customers.

Waste Minimization

Precise ingredient tracking minimizes waste by allowing chefs to adjust orders according to real usage data, eliminating the need for estimations.

Efficient Training

Streamline front of the house staff training and reduce errors with detailed recipe tracking.

Supplier Management

Unlock hassle-free supplier communication, swift issue resolution, and optimized supplier performance. We take the guesswork out of supplier management, providing you with transparent, accurate, and up-to-date information and guidance. 

Analytics and Reporting Module

ChefMod’s Restaurant Business Analytics module captures all your data, providing you with the essential tools to maximize its potential. By offering in-depth quantitative insights into your order history and seamlessly integrating intelligence into your organizational systems, our restaurant management system simplifies your decision-making processes.


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Enhance Your Negotiation

Boost your bargaining power by accurately estimating usage through consolidated data from one or more locations.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Gain insights into order history, providing you with a clear understanding of your restaurant’s performance.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Compare volume items with alternative product choices to Identify areas where costs can be minimized, allowing you to focus resources on critical items, all while receiving expert consultations from ChefMod.

Product Alternatives Assessment

Assessing product alternatives can result in significant cost savings, offering you the flexibility to explore more budget-friendly options.

Accurate Forecasting

ChefMod Analytics provides the data foundation needed for precise forecasting and planning, ensuring your restaurant operates efficiently.

Strategic Pricing Policies

Understand fluctuations in product costs, enabling you to implement strategic pricing policies that optimize profitability.

Streamlined Reporting

ChefMod offers a variety of customizable reports, from receiving reports to cost breakdown summaries, simplifying restaurant operations and financial management.

Ready to Turn Up the Heat in Your Kitchen? 

Unlock the ChefMod advantage and automate your culinary operations, from sourcing to serving with our cutting edge restaurant management system.

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