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Managing Food Costs

There are a few variations of this, but the saying goes something like this. “You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you”. How I came to manage category costs for food, beverages, and supplies. My first job in hospitality came through a friend who was a line cook at a sports bar in Boston called Dockside. It was on lower State street well before the years of the “Big Dig”. He was the pizza man, which instantly made me the “pizza man helper” which really meant that I cleaned the Hobart, and the entire room under the basement stairs ...
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Is All Restaurant Management Software Bad?

In our numerous conversations with restaurant operators who have implemented Back-Of-House systems, we have learned that even though systems are in place, not all features end up being used, and so operational efficiencies are hardly realized. Is all Restaurant Management Software bad?   Everybody is talking about FOH innovations such as menu presentation, food delivery, packaging, contactless ordering, and payments. However, nobody is talking about innovations in BOH management: procurement, cost management, and supplier payments. Chefs and managers are left with century old ways to buy food, beverages, and supplies: call suppliers or suppliers’ websites! Restaurants BOH is the most ...
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Restaurants Discover SaaS

The model that combines software and service known as SaaS often delivers greater efficiencies. Just like it can be more efficient to hire a plumber who has the skills, tools, and experience to fix your plumbing, we look to services that can deliver highly efficient software solutions which are fully supported. Seems like there are services for everything these days. Paving companies, refrigeration, Electric, graphic design, advertising, hood cleaning, cleaning, pest control, music and even the weekend DJ. Restaurateurs are notorious for taking on DIY jobs sometimes to save money, but often because there is no current better way. If ...
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Keeping Prices Locked Up

What kind of checks and balances does ChefMod have in place to make sure that we are constantly getting the best pricing available? Restaurant owners and Chefs commonly complain about suppliers who come in with pricing that may be below market value, but then slowly but surely start to raise prices as the relationship evolves. In fairness, buyers sometimes overstate their volumes, and supplier reps too may be overly aggressive at first, in the hopes that they will grow sales so large that they will be able to sustain these very low prices, or introduce other items where they can ...
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Hindsight is 2020, but soon 2020 will be hindsight!

Hindsight is 2020, but soon 2020 will be hindsight!We’re working like elves to get you the new version of ChefMod and other great deals! We’ve been working hard with our members to help them through this year and on to the next, and to get you more of what you love. As we move into the 2021, we’re committed to offering you the newest services and features, and ensuring you get the most out of your membership.   MyChefMod is launching! Plus, training support modules. Take a look at MyChefMod here! Your system will automatically update 1/1/21 Many new ways to save! Choose and ...
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Announcing ChefMod FRIENDS- Wholesale Food Home Delivery!

We are proud to announce the launch of CHEFMOD FRIENDS – Wholesale Food Home Delivery Program! Connecting you directly with several of the amazing wholesale partner food suppliers in our network and gives you access to discounted wholesale prices on some of the best quality food in town delivered right to your doorstep! ABOUT THE CHEFMOD FRIENDS PROGRAM In light of the unprecedented toll that COVID-19 has taken on our community and food service and hospitality industry, we are proud to announce the launch of CHEFMOD FRIENDS – Wholesale Food Home Delivery Program! Our program connects you directly with several of ...
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Proactive Response to Disorganization

Product waste, menu engineering, and recipe management all contribute to a well-managed food cost. What about Supplier pricing though? How is this managed and could paying high prices actually be your own fault? High food cost is one of the problems restaurant operators struggle to manage. Besides theft, waste, understanding product mix, and setting the correct sell price, operators must watch the suppliers’ product pricing, as it directly affects the bottom line. The question is what does affect supplier pricing? In this post, we will discuss how to best manage supplier prices, and how to keep it down through better ...
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