At ChefMod we are deeply committed to supporting the purchasing process from start to finish. We begin with an enterprise software solution, delivered with a managed process, seven days a week and then top it off with vendor programs supported by the collective spending of the entire growing membership.

Included as part of our basic service to all members, ChefMod delivers regular value statements which quantify program benefits. We realize that in addition to providing strong day to day systems, support and savings, periodic and regular review is important so that benefits can be understood clearly and further opportunities can be uncovered. To address these additional opportunities, we schedule regular one on one meetings. Our Member Relationship group is responsible for these consultative meetings and may introduce discussion resulting in a shift in vendor selection, or preferred order schedules, even alternative product choices, all with the aim to bring more value to the member location. During this high level review we answer questions and present solutions. Our Member Relationship managers are also very well versed in supply side management, so they are well equipped to responding to most questions.