They say that the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy their first boat and the day they sell their last. Here at ChefMod we believe the same thing about the purchase of software. Like a boat, software costs only rise over time. There are maintenance plans that grow each year over the life of the product and it requires consistent and expensive labor to manage the data and maintain information. Integrations promise ease of use, but they often require a high level of understanding to make them work.

Here at ChefMod, we take care of all that data entry for you. Our people and systems work hand in hand around the clock to be sure that your information is always ready when you need it.

Key benefits of our cloud based solution:

Lower cost to get started In order to get things up and running, you won’t have to shell out a bundle like with most software solutions. What’s even better is that all the skilled employees that you’ll need to maintain and prepare your data each day, come with the solution as part of membership.

Automatic software updates Our solution comes ready to go and never needs to be upgraded. Since we host all of the data and operating system ourselves, we are also responsible for keeping it running, regularly upgrading features, and keeping everything safe and secure.

Conveniently access the system from anywhere We understand that you’re constantly on the go. From home, commuting to and from work, or in the kitchen, ChefMod allows you to work how you want to work. No matter where you are ChefMod has the solution from desktop to mobile app.

Better collaboration and sharing Trying to keep everyone on the same page can be a task in itself. With anywhere access and unlimited user logins, ChefMod tackles the problem with ease. Permission based access allows you to decide visibility to all areas of your system.

Systems that you can trust ChefMod uses the highest level of encryption technology to ensure that your data is securely hosted in our cloud.

We grow as you grow Being on board with ChefMod allows for a strong platform for growth. All of your suppliers, product specifications, ingredient lists and order histories are instantly scaled to any size operation and can be easily shared from one location to the next.