EZRECIPE & Menu Management Service

You may have already read about our amazing EZRECIPE system, but what you may not know is that to make any recipe system easy, it’s helpful to have someone else do the work! At ChefMod we do as much as we can to make entering your recipe and menu management as, well, EZ as possible.

With each passing day, the ChefMod team creates ingredient ready items for every product that you buy. As these new items are added to the program, they become available to search online and also may present as lower cost alternatives for items you currently purchase. We call these items Alternatives and they can be found for tens of thousands of products in our program. While using EZRECIPE, these alternatives also double as ingredient groups that automatically accommodate those times when you suddenly switch brands of tomato sauce for that famous Mussels Marinara recipe. Switching from Heinz to Allegro? No problem, EZRECIPE recalculates your recipe cost…automatically.

Updating ingredient costs are also part of the job that we do every day. Whether we’re manually updating prices received from a boutique mozzarella company who can’t afford an elaborate system integration, or employing expensive programing and data management solutions to support larger integrated suppliers, ChefMod is spending significant labor hours to keep your data updated and error free. Each time you make a ChefMod order, your recipes automatically update with the most recent purchase costs.