Simple insight to day to day costs often remain elusive for the restaurant owner largely due to the effort and expense required to prepare such valuable information. ChefMod FINANCIALS is the part of our system that makes capturing these costs simple and easy to prepare. Along with it, members receive CrossDoc which makes entering, storing, and sharing invoices breeze.

FINANCIALS: When you pick up the phone to call your supplier, you miss a huge opportunity to record the initial activity… By simply ordering with ChefMod, you begin an accounting process that automatically identifies and categorizes each item ordered through our purchase order process. We then update these records with your participating supplier invoices so that by the time you receive the merchandise everything is ready for review. A few more clicks return your Food Costs broken down by category. We will even upload the data to your favorite financial package which makes your accountant very happy.

CROSSDOC: Many of us enjoy the support of a part time or even a full-time bookkeeper who oversee the invoice process most of the time. Chefs and Stewards are also involved, receiving product and approving invoices.

Basic restaurant practice requires that prices are checked, and categories are subtotaled for cost accounting… Chicken, tomatoes, swordfish -> Food, Beer, Wine, Sprits, -> Beverage, and Toilet Paper and Mop buckets -> Supplies. … limes for the bar? Cranberry juice? Bottled water for the staff?

Corporate locations are often mailing or messengering hard copies to the corporate office along with reports. Local filing is a necessary evil, and after time, we pay for offsite storage and retrieval, and to destroy documents.

We are excited to let you know about a better way … CrossDoc delivered complimentary to our members as part of our Financials Suite.

  • Scan Invoices
    • Attach any document to a PO or NO PO invoice record in Financials (can be one or several documents and/or types, emailed or scanned pdfs, excel or word files, even images).
    • Easily record Invoices, Proof of delivery, Bills of lading, Credit memos, Pick up slips, even photos of damaged goods to document a return.
  • Securely Store Unlimited Documents
    • ChefMod is serious about keeping your data safe. We use industry-standard security protocols that leverage encryption for storing and transferring data.
    • Maintain an unlimited document library of every invoice related file and attach them as needed.
  • Keep Them Forever
    • Once documents are attached, they are stored indefinitely. Attach, view, even print as you need.
  • Use a Scanner or Mobile Device
    • Don’t have a scanner? Our app is available for iPhone and Android devices. CrossDoc will be available through the app in two weeks from this email.
  • Attach Documents from Emails or your Local Hard Drive
    • Documents from emails or stored on your local computer can be loaded into the CrossDoc library of documents and attached to invoice records as needed.
    • Documents from emails or stored on your local computer can be loaded into the CrossDoc library of documents and attached to invoice records as needed.
  • Set Default General Ledger Account Codes for “No PO” Vendors
    • When paying invoices through CrossDoc, will automatically assign a default GL Account reducing entry time and avoiding key errors.
  • Do Not Pay for Mailing Invoices
    • Transporting physical invoices and supporting documents is a thing of the past, not to mention expensive! CrossDoc safely delivers your invoices, as well as Peace of Mind swiftly and securely throughout your organization. Only those who you assign will have access to your data.
  • Stop Filing!
    • Filing invoices takes time, labor, and valuable office space. Stop sharing your office with expensive filing cabinets and boxes filled with paper.
    • Ensure that your information remains safe and secure.
    • Provide access only to those who need it.
    • Disaster Protection; hurricanes, floods, and fires can wipe out years of important information. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • Eliminate Expensive Off Site Storage Fees
    • Save Tens of Thousands of dollars every year from offsite storage.
  • Save Time and Money on Document Retrieval Fees
    • Storage is only one of the cost associated with keeping records.