This business is nonstop and while we’re at it, can you say FAST? With many months of planning, in just one weekend, several years ago, we opened a 24 hour foodservice operation with a food court containing 15 unique concepts, 3 full service restaurants, room service for 2500 guest rooms, employee dining facilities for 5000 staffers and a central commissary to support all of it. This experience helped shape many of the features and functions that we created for use in the ChefMod solution today. More than anything, that experience taught us that ACCESS to systems were as important as the systems themselves. Our mobile app is available on Android and iTunes and has most of the same features of our desktop browser edition. It even has a few additional gems that we believe are very helpful in the mobile platform.

Here are just some of the few benefits of using our Mobile App…

  • Easy access Log in to see your own Custom Lists, Order History and Item History
  • Contact One-touch access to our contact information
  • Fast Seamless product ordering
  • Smart Logic Search Displays your items based on your own order history
  • Offline access Even in the most remote storage areas of your kitchen
  • Anywhere access Makes last minute add ons a snap
  • Advance Orders For events that you don’t want to forget
  • Modify Custom Lists Right there from within Global search results
  • SecureOrder Available offline to support more accurate ordering
  • Rush Orders when you’re in a jam and need it FAST
  • Immediate Order confirmation

The app is free, so why not get on board and download the app today.